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Ebola Symptoms vs. Flu Symptoms What age should you get married ? A New Holocaust: Syria Can America Stop the Ebola Virus? Dr.O Speaks

Ebola Symptoms vs. Flu Symptoms

Ebola can cause Kidney failure, Liver failure, and Respiratory failure. Facts from the Center of Disease Control.

What age should you get married ?

The fifty percent divorce rate that's is so often cited in America specifically comes from the people who get married from ages twenty to twenty-three.

A New Holocaust: Syria

The untied states government revealed a series of photographs from Syria of torture victims showing corpses of a “systematic killing machine”. These images reveal similar tactics that were seen to compare to that of Nazi concentration camps. A museum that opened today , Wednesday October 15 displayed the first photographs that were obtained from Syria […]

Can America Stop the Ebola Virus? Dr.O Speaks

Now I don't think that our health system is failed, I just think that Mr.Duncan was sick and had a very high viral load when presenting. It probably looked like the "common cold" or "the flu" before people really had become more serious about the possible spread of the disease in out country.

Can I be “Depressed” and in the “Church?”

30 September 2014

1 adult person completes suicide every 17 minutes; one teenager completes sucide every 2 hours

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Church Membership: The New Musical Chairs

29 September 2014

Church membership is becoming more transient in America.

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What’s a Southern Belle to Do? RHOA Husband Gets Eight Years in Prison

09 July 2014

Apollo Nida, husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for fraud! You all may remember when Nida was arrested a few months back on the aforementioned fraud charges and it appears that he was guilty as charged. So how did the feds start to sniff […]

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“If You’re Playing Me, Please LET It Show… Eventually”-Weaves, Make-Up and Other Cosmetic Wonders

19 June 2014

One of the great things about living in America is that probably 95% percent or more of the population is concerned with their appearance to at least some degree and because of this, consumer needs vary from weaves to lipo! We all have those physical traits that we dislike and do our best to conceal or […]

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Are You A Pocket Partner?

10 June 2014

Relationships are probably one of the most advice filled, topic targeted and frequently visited facets of life that everyone and we mean everyone, has their two cents to pay on. So what’s two more cents to add to the pot right? So today, we here at AskDro, want to discuss what we’d like to identify […]

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Get Off That Stuff! Quitting Smoking May Improve Your Mental Health

25 February 2014

I think the domino effect would be a good example to use for this post. You know how one domino falling over causes the whole line to go down? Same thing here, a chain reaction if you will. If you suffer from mental health issues, in addition to substance abuse or are a frequent smoker, […]

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