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Charleston Church Shooting: Is the Church still a Safe Haven? Is America Ready for Another Black President Mental Health Awareness Month Grammy 2015 Recap

Charleston Church Shooting: Is the Church still a Safe Haven?

Never in a million years would someone usually feel in danger of being shot during bible study

Is America Ready for Another Black President

In recent news Dr. Ben Carson has announced that he will be running for President of the United States of America in the upcoming 2016 Election.  You can imagine the interest this aroused in many Americans.   Here is a brief background of Dr. Carson’s most accomplished accolades: In 2001, Dr. Carson was named by […]

Mental Health Awareness Month

ake the time this month and educate yourself on identifying mental illness and possible methods of treatment. You may have the opportunity to make a difference not only for yourself but for someone else’s life. Send the link to this blog to them.

Grammy 2015 Recap

  The red carpet was laid. The Los Angeles sun was shining and the Staples Center was filled to capacity with celebrities. It’s safe to say the 57th annual Grammy Awards were underway. The Grammys are arguably the biggest award given to musicians. While the awards are the reason for the show, the show itself […]

NFL Quarterback Cam Newton, Recuperating After Car Crash

10 December 2014

Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton suffered two lower back fractures in a car crash yesterday but is home recuperating with family members according to ESPN. The Westlake High School graduate was not at fault for the incident. ESPN reported that Newton was going the speed limit of 35mph when the other driver involved in the […]

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Is Bill Cosby Guilty?AskDrO Weighs In

03 December 2014

Is Bill Cosby guilty? This is a question that woke me up this morning. I am amazed at the number of sexual allegations that are now surfacing about this icon in the African-American community. I have to ask that age old question, "Who did Bill piss-off?"

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Slashed Prices and Crowds Galore: The Origin of Black Friday

27 November 2014

By now, you’re probably in mid-bite of your grandma’s famous sweet potato pie while simultaneously thinking about the contents of your next plate. You’ve probably already argued with your sister about who makes the best macaroni and cheese and some of you may have given up altogether and are sitting at one of the few […]

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Ferguson Fury: Why Are We So Angry with Yesterday’s Decision

25 November 2014

This is another blow to the face of Black America in my opinion. It appears that killing young black males is of no consequence at this time. There actually seems to be open season on the death of our young men.

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Can I be “Depressed” and in the “Church?”

30 September 2014

1 adult person completes suicide every 17 minutes; one teenager completes sucide every 2 hours

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Church Membership: The New Musical Chairs

29 September 2014

Church membership is becoming more transient in America.

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