My Boyfriend Killed My 2 Year Old Daughter via Sexual Abuse!

In Tucker, GA (Metropolitan Atlanta) a mother allowed her boyfriend to baby-sit her 2 year old daughter while she went out of town to a wedding.   He killed her baby via sexual abuse.  This is virtually unheard of anywhere in the world.  Ellison Matthew, a 22 year old male, is a sick pedophile who really needs help!   This is not a topic that any blogger wants to write about on any day.  Call all of your friends and tell them to read retweet, and repost this blog entry.   Why mother’s would you allow anyone to take care of your child for over ten minutes?    I may be wrong, but this sexual abuse stuff is totally out-of-control!   This 2 year old baby died from external bleeding and brain damage.   They should put this dude under the jail.  I feel that both the mother and the boyfriend should be prosecuted. I just have three suggestions for mothers and parents everywhere:

  1.  Never leave yourchild/  children with anyone.
  2. Never leave your child/children with anyone.
  3. Never leave your child/children with anyone.

Arrange all play dates and home external events.   You go to the birthday parties, six flags, sleep overs with your children. I don’t care rather they are 1 or 15 years old, male or female, this is now a must.  Don’t sleep and don’t play this is very serious.  Watch everyone from the man who works in the grocery store to the  male and female Sunday School teacher.   I mean this wholeheartedly and I have stories, from my practice, to bag up my intensity.  Yes, be paranoid and vigilant. Trust No Man! I mean trust no male or female, with your small children, especially if they that can not verbalize harm. This is your final warning! The repercussions of childhood sexual abuse are very serious and can lead to both mood and personality disorders. These patients are very difficult to treat and usually have a life-long problem with mental illness.

Depression and Suicide can be  serious medical problems in our communitie. Sexual Trauma and Abuse are the major culprits in a number of mental health diseases and defects.  If you are a victim of childhood or current sexual abuse, take  Dr. Owens’  Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status now!  This is very important and serious.

Just remember,we are here for you!


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  • Crystal

    OMG I’m sick. As a mother I don’t have words in my vocabulary to express how I feel about this monster!!! Dr. what is in the mind of a person who can beat and rape a baby?!! And please don’t say this dude was molested himself, if so he should know how wrong this action was. I think these ppl are demon possessed. My son is about to be 9 and I still don’t allow him to stay with but so many folks..and some are family members!! These women that are so desperate to have a man around entrust these dudes that they really don’t know around their kids. This is horrible, but I don’t think the mom should be charged, believe me she is suffering her own private hell because she has to feel responsible for this……SO SAD :'(

    • AskDrO

      @Crystal this is the sad truth!

  • Essdie

    As tragic as this story is, it is not the first time something like this has gone down. There are a LOT of sick people out there who do this type of thing. I have a few questions though…

    1. What woman goes to a wedding without her man?
    2. How long had she known this dude?
    3. Has she no family to have left her baby with?
    4. What meds were prescribed for her and when did she last take them?
    5. What was the mother thinking?
    6. Is the death penalty an option in GA?
    7. Did this guy have a criminal history?
    8. Don’t most people at least google their new associates?
    9. How much time did this guy spend on drugs?
    10. Are there other children and where are they?
    11. WHAT THE HELL????
    12. WHO pays for the undertakers, medical bills, psychiatric care, lawyers, etc?

    • AskDrO

      @Essdie I am sure that we all will follow this one really close.

  • brooklynkid1180

    I am a single mother, who raised my daughter by myself. I had to make a lot of sacrifices and go without alot of things to rear my child. I have had disagreements with not only people, but my brothers and sister. I have almost lost my job, chose not to be involved in a relationship, etc.. why? Because I would not leave that gate open for anyone to come into. Anytime my antenna went up, I acted on it and prevented my daughter from being in that situation.

    That was not always a easy decision to make, especially when it came to my brothers. I have never seen any signs from any of them, but I have 1 brother that has spent the majority of his life in jail. The uncle is one of those people that is singled out alot. I personally do not feel that he had his ration, share or whatever of relationships and would not allow my daughter to be with him alone. Period….and did not care if I hurt his feelings. ( Don’t start none, won’t be none.) My family and I argued about it, but I did not care. Eventually, they respected my wishes and let it be.

    When I met a potential suitor, I did not let him meet my daughter, because I felt he was not her business. I never met any of my suitors children either, because of the same thing. That meant I was dateless a lot of times. Watching TV alone on Saturday nites, etc. but my baby was safe. I did not let my daughter spend the nights over at homes with brothers and fathers. She did not know it, but she spent the night in single-mother homes – only.

    In this situation, that mother is guilty of gross negligence. She wanted to party so much that she sacrificed her child.

    Our societies youth, have been having children too, too young. We have to talk to these kids. I was 32 when I had my daughter, so I had all the party, and running out of my system, the decision to go without did not bother me. I am not saying that you have to be as old as I, but make some accomplishments first.

    Across all my responses to you; Dr O, – my deepest concern is: Why can we as a people step up to the plate, take care of our kids, educate ourselves to make better decisions and learn from our mistakes. It is not mental, it can be and turns in to mental instability……But it is BASIC

    • AskDrO

      @brooklynkid, Powerful Remarks! It just seems as if we have lost our priorities in America. I don;t know how to answer the question, “what was wrong with this lady?” She has to be psychotic or a friend of whoredom. I am very upset but I love your testimony is was strong, relevant and powerful. Again Thanks!

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