Trouble in Never Never Land: The Jackson Family Dynasty

There is now a battle with Alejandro Jackson, who was married to both Randy Jackson and Jermaine Jackson, and the Michael Jackson Estate. (Katherine Jackson) For those of you who don’t know, Michael’s Jackson’s mom is no joke and a very powerful woman. Mrs Jackson wants Alejandro out of the home in Encino. (part of the Michael’s  estate) Alejandro is no dummy so she has  retained a lawyer in this battle.

This all came about after Katherine had to move to the family compound in Encino while her home is being renovated.  Here is the thing, Jaafar (Jermaine’s son) ordered a stunt gun to the home and this triggered an investigation by LAPD.  Now this is a very complicated blog post and I will have to give you a little bit of the Jackson Family Dynasty History.

  • Alejandro Jackson has been married to both Randy (1st) and Jermaine Jackson(2nd)
  • She has a total of 5 children, 3 by Randy and 2 by Jermaine
  • However, Joe Jackson convinced Jermaine to adopt Donte for child support reasons
  • However Donte is the twin brother of Randy Jr.
  • Genevieve is the oldest born to Randy and Alejandro but she will stay with Katherine to help with Michael’s  small kids.


  1. Alejandro is NOT leaving without a fight.
  2. She has hired a powerful law firm to fight Katherine Jackson.
  3. While on vacation in Japan, it is alleged that K.Jackson packed her(Alejandro’s) stuff up and moved it out.
  4. Katherine Jackson is a force to be reckoned with from what I understand.
  5. Alejandro is slated to write a “tell-all” book on the Jackson family wars.
  6. The Jackson Estate is trying to get her to sign a confidentiality agreement and not do the book, she has said nope.

Psychiatric Pot Pourri

  • Randy and Jermaine’s children are brother-cousins and sister-cousins.
  • I wonder what impact this will have on the mental health as they become adults?
  • Is it still  incest if you marry your brother’s wife who is not connected by blood?
  • Can they still be called the new Jackson 5 although they have two different Jackson fathers?

So now the battle is on! Alejandro will not leave and she is about to expose a lot of the Jackson family secrets.  It will be very interesting to see what happens in litigation. Will they settle out of court?  Will Alejandro yield to the pressures of the Jackson Family’s Matriarch? Will Randy and or Jermaine try talking to their ex-wife? Will Alejandro, at least temporarily leave in the condo to keep down confusion?

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  • Corey Owens

    Dr O, here where im at I am friends with and know ppl who are double kin. Aunt is first blood ties at first. 2 brothers a mama and daughter. Its many combinations like that down here.It’s no mental strain on them from a outside looking in stand point.
     Im sure Kat is a force. All those children she had, different problems personalities, bad media, joes numerous cheating and her baby Michael  death. This lady is a M1A1 Abrahm tank at full speed.See I know mama Jackson probably NEVER liked the idea of Alejandro going from one brother to the next and especially having children with both. That’s just ain’t right and I’m sure mama said what a lot others have said. That Alejandro was a gold diggin hoe, LOL. she got the money flowing 5 ways from 2 donors. Just how does she afford a high powered lawyer? Jermaine and Randy ain’t raking in dough. What does she do for a living? Wasn’t the compound in danger of foreclosure at one point? That’s until lil mike saved it.  This isn’t a lawsuit I don’t think. Where if she loses she owes nothing.(depending on law firm). All this is playing into her plan to release that tell all book. Just getting her name out there. You wanna expose the family and continue to live on their estate? This like biting tge hand that feed you.  Can you blame mama for wanting to put her trashy ass out? 

    • AskDrO

      @Corey It is complicated but the world functions after money and finances. This girl is going for it! Also, there will be a post later today, Jermaine Jackson STUCK IN Africa.

  • brooklynkid1180

    What could she report about the Jacksons that we don’t know.? Joe has been reported to be Daddy Dearest and, Cheater. Latoya posed for playboy and married that jack guy that did everything but put her on the strip. Janet was married secretly for years. Tito’s ex-wife drowned mysteriously. Jackie had an affair with Paula Abdul and his wife ran him down and broke his leg. Jermaine was a womanizer. – Even if there is something new, we won’t be too upset, because after all the allegations that family has had to deal with over the years, the book would just be one more.

    How can this woman write a believable book, with all the baggage that she has. Explain how she attends family affairs and holds her head up. Where is her family in all of this? Jermaine moved on and found him a rich wife. She should do the same.

    She has been living the good life, because Ms Jackson did not want to see her grand babies on the street. Large families have a tendency of always having room for one more.

    Alejandro has to take responsibility for herself and children and make a way for them. Everyone keeps saying Jermaine has to pay child support, is Randy paying his child support for his children?

    Although Mrs Jackson is elderly, she is doing the right thing. Put Alejandra out…..

    • AskDrO

      @brooklynkid1180 but What about the Kids?

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