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Is Your Relationship Suffering due to Insecurity?

Insecurities ultimately determine the longevity of relationships. Ignoring them can lead to house hold tension, poor sex, and overall unhappiness.

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Infant KKK? New study shows 9-month-olds with racial bias

Nature versus nurture. Most of the time we’re told that children are not born with hate, they’re taught it. However, a new study by the University of Massachusetts says different. By the time infants are 9-months-old they’re better able to recognize the faces and emotions of people who look like them. What’s appalling is that this distinction […]

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Miami Dolphins Player is Stabbed By Wife

Wife Allegedly Stabbed Husband, Brandon Marshall in Self-Defense Miami Dolphins wide-receiver Brandon Marshall was allegedly stabbed by his wife in a domestic dispute. Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, was arrested Friday evening and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Nogami-Marshall told officers she was defending herself. […]

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Learn The Art of Complimenting A Man.

  Women have it great when it comes to being complimented. There are so many traits about a woman which deem them flawless, beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking, and other words to describe their style or personality. For men, a compliment rolls off the tip of our tongue, and the art of it comes in many different […]

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Valentine’s “Nay”: An Unorthodox Ode To Singles

As a guest writer for this AskDrO.com post, I find that Valentine’s Day is a busying time for purchasing gifts, such as flowers, candy, cards, money, etc. True enough, we want something to commemorate our lovers’ efforts, to recognize them for their unique and lovable attributes, skills, compassion, and many other traits.  But, should you […]

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AskDrO Asks, “Are You Really In Love?”

Is the feeling you have for a significant other REAL, or just an episode of infatuation? Here are 10 clues to help you answer this question: are you REALLY in love? You spouse/lover can do know wrong. You enjoy his/her after work scent. You can have morning sex before a bath. You kiss before a tooth brush […]

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